Calling all fitness enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers! We’re thrilled to announce an electrifying bodybuilding competition, set to rock the stage on September 30th in the vibrant city of Vrsac, Serbia. Get ready to witness a symphony of strength, dedication, and athleticism at the iconic „Kulturno Kongresni Centar Milennium.“


Ovo je Tvoj put…

Bilo da si početnik i želis da se okušaš u fitness i bodybilding sportu
ili si takmičar sa iskustvomtakmiči se sa najboljima – ovo je tvoj put!

Tvoj put i ulazak u veliku zajednicu NPC WORLDWIDE & IFBB PRO LEAGUE

Pridruži se i oseti razliku !
Muscle is the name of the game!
Dobro došli!

Here’s the scoop

On all the exciting details

Event Date:

September 30th

Free Seminar:

Mark your calendars for August 29th 18h, where a FREE seminar will provide valuable insights and tips!


Kulturno Kongresni Centar Milennium

Check-in Timing

From 19:00 to 21:00, make sure to complete your check-in during this period

Professional Photographer:

Capture your glory moments with the talented @gym621.
Contact: info@gym621.se

Official Hotel:

Your comfort matters! Stay at the luxurious Hotel „Srbija“ (@hotelsrbijavrsac).
For reservations, visit: http://www.hotelsrbija.rs/

🚀 Easy TransportatiON:

Seamless travel is essential, and we’ve got your back. We’ve teamed up with Fokus Taxi (@fokus.taxi) to offer smooth airport transfers from Belgrade for just 60€, and from Timisoara to Vrsac for 50€. If you prefer to hit the road, we’ve got rent-a-car services at your service.

💄 Glam Squad
On Deck:

Steal the spotlight with flawless makeup and hair styling, both together for just 60€. And guess what? You can also conveniently register for these services at www.npcserbia.com during your event registration!

Culinary Magic::

Savor healthy delights at „Expres“ restaurant (@expressrestoranvrsac), and indulge in traditional Serbian cuisine at „Dinar“ and „Kontrast“ (@contrastpizzeria) located nearby.

Backstage Pass:

Trainers, your backstage pass is on us.
For others, snag yours for just 10€

Audience Entry:

Calling all supporters! Entry is absolutely FREE. Bring your crew and experience the energy firsthand

And here’s the icing on the cake!

As a special treat for our esteemed athletes, we’ve arranged a guided tour of Vrsac the day after the event. Discover the city’s historic gems with our knowledgeable guide.

But that’s not all! Traveling to join us? We’ve got you covered. The most budget-friendly airlines, including Air Norwegian, Ryanair, and Air Serbia, offer a sweet deal. If you’re flying with them, your hand luggage and backpack are absolutely free.


And for our ambitious athletes, there’s more in store. Qualify for the Kazakhstan Pro and Alegion Sport Festival with FREE registration, and secure your spot for the Sweden Grand Prix next year. Exciting, right?

Every participant receives a special gift as a token of our appreciation. From phenomenal backstage moments to a chance to embrace Serbian culture and cuisine, this event promises an unforgettable experience.
Ready to be a part of this exhilarating journey?
Register now at www.npcserbia.com and book your tranning session here: https://www.protan-europe.com/book-your-tan/510?l=
Let’s unite and create history in the world of bodybuilding! 💪🌍